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Here it is, the New Year! With high hopes and dreams we wake up on January 1st and vow to do all the things on our New Year’s resuloution list… by January 15th most of us have exhausted all the enthusiasm and given up… 

We will never know why this happens to the most of us, but to those of you who stick to their resolutions I applaud! And strive to be one day where you are now.

My husband doesn’t believe in resolutions. So, let’s call them goals. Or just things to strive for. Here are my four things to strive for in 2017:

1. I have been following this great food blog for quite a while now. I love her style and her dinner recipes quickly make the favorite list in our house. She also shares these amazing cake and dessert recipes, that make me want to just be her best friend and be invited to do the taste test every time. I’ve been wanting to try many of them, but some honestly intimidate me… but my love for all things sweet and decadent is overtaking here.  I have decided to make one new dessert recipe from the blog each month this year. I am starting with this apple cranberry danish braid! Keep me accountable, I will be posting about my experience with all this dessert making and eating.

2. Blog at least once a week through the year.

3. Be more intentional with my marriage, kids, and time. Say “no” less often to my toddler. Spend more time with my husband. Show my husband love in his love language. Laugh more and play pretend even when I don’t feel like it. Crochet more. Read my bible. Read more books. Stop mindless scrolling.

4. Start doing something about my weight. I want to join my husband this summer jogging outside. He is very supportive of it and I think it will be a great thing for us to do together.

So, here it is. What will you be striving for this year?


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