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Baby and Toddler Sleep [part 2]


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This is a part 2 of my posts on baby and toddler sleep. You can read part 1 here.

I came across many different sites, books, and products that were promising a miracle of sleep. There is even some magic ointment you can put on your baby to help them go to sleep and stay asleep… Yeah, I know!… So, I’d like to share a few resources that have proven to be the most accurate and helped us figure out sleep in this house.

There is such a thing as pediatric sleep consultant. I have not heard of it before we ran into sleep issues, but ever since our issues were resolved, I have been seriously considering becoming one. It takes quite a bit of studying and getting a number of certifications, but the idea of helping people get good sleep, and teach their babies how to get good sleep, really appeals to me. I love sleep!

We will see what the future holds, but for now, let me introduce you Pam Edwards from Wee Bee Dreaming Pediatric Sleep Consulting. Pam is a mom of two, who also had a bit of a rocky road with sleep once her first baby was born. She has discovered a passion for helping other with sleep, so her sleep consulting business was born.

Pam offers various sleep packages that are very affordable. She has a blog on her website with many different posts on sleep – it is a very valuable resource, I still refer to those at least 2-3 times a month. She also has a Facebook page where she shares more sleep tips. Please check out her blog and website, and save her information in case you need it in the future. Or maybe to share with some future parents. They will thank you, trust me!

There are also two books I have on my bookshelf that I have read through and keep referencing often. I recommend you read all of the book, especially the chapters on the nuts and bolts of how sleep works. It is always tempting to skip right over to the solutions, but I truly believe that knowing the science behind sleep is very valuable. (affiliate links below. Please see full disclosure policy here)

“Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problems” by Richard Ferber (AL). We have used his method to sleep train both our children.

– “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child” by Marc Weissbluth(AL). A very well written book with a lot of good information on sleep and lots of practical points as well.

There are two sleep products that I have found helpful in our sleep journey.

1. Sound machine (we use this one (AL)) really makes a difference in sleep. We live in a small condo with very thin walls, so there is an abundance of noise. I have a sound machine in each kid’s room.

2. Sleep sacks. Brandon has been wearing a sleep sack to bed for as long as I remember. I tried different sleep sacks available on the market and I have made quite a few of my own. I preferred using the ones I made myself since it was cheaper, and I could make a few so I never got stuck in a situation where sleep sack is dirty or still in a washer.

After much research I have decided to get Liya a merino wool sleep sack from Woolino (AL). It supposed to be a year-round sleep sack, but most likely I will have to skip it in the summer if it heats up again like the previous years. The size I got is 2mo-24mo, so it should last her a while. It actually fits Brandon very well, with a little bit of room to grow. So if she grows anything like him, she will probably wear it till she is about 3 years old. So, I think it is a very good investment.

I am actually considering getting Brandon the next size up. Wearing sleep sack helps to keep him in his crib longer. He hasn’t attempted to climb out yet, and it is harder to do so while wearing the sleep sack. He know how to take them off, but he is very good at keeping them on.

We have used a Zippadee-Zip to transition Liya from swaddle. It is kind of like a star-shaped sleep sack, which gives babies the sense of boundaries while letting them freely move around. I think it was useful in our situation, but I don’t know if I would buy one next time (if there is ever a next time). To me they are a bit spendy ($38), and at such young age you definitely need more than one. Liya was sucking on her hands to soothe herself to sleep, and the hand parts of the sleep sack were getting pretty disgusting. And I didn’t always have enough time to throw it in the wash in between her naps. So we used it only long enough for Liya to outgrow the startle reflex. And if I could change one thing about the design – I like to be able to unzip sleep sacks from the bottom for easy diaper change, and their zipper unzips from the top. If you still want to check them out, here is their website. I think it is a good product, but I was a bit skeptical about using it. And they also make them in very large sizes, so I was concerned about Liya getting addicted to sleeping in one of these and having to buy next size up. I could not find any articles/posts/reviews on how to successfully transition from Zippadee-Zip to a regular sleep sack.  Everyone seems to just be buying a next size up, and then switching to their pjs, which are like starfish with hands and feet openings.

And last, but not least, is the routine. Well established nap and bedtime routine goes a long way. Routines in our house have changed slowly over time, and will keep changing as kids grow. Right now it is relatively simple:

Brandon Liya
– pick up toys – get room ready
– get room ready – wash hands and face
– bath (every other night) – change diaper/clothes & put on sleep sack
– brush teeth – nurse in a rocker
– pick out a toy to take to bed – read a book
– hugs and kisses to mom and Liya – lights out
– change into pjs, put on sleep sack – sing a song
– read book – put down
– song
– lights out
– I come in for 2 minutes to hold him and sing him a song

So, this is how sleep goes in our house. It is not always perfect, and there will always be bumps along the road. I try to rely on my instincts and what I think is best for my children. I also always return to my trusted sources for advice when needed.

Feel free to ask questions if you have any. And remember one thing – every family is different, and you have to do what works for you and your family. What worked for me might not necessarily work for you, but I think you can still learn and apply the general principles in a way that suits your circumstances.

I hope you all are sleeping well! 🙂


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