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Well, January has come to an end, and I would like to share how this month was for all my New Year’s goals. You can read my original post on those commitments here.

I think being a stay-at-home mom, the beginning of the year does not feel that much different to me. Back when I had a job at the office, the end and the beginning of the year were always filled with last-minute projects to finish, receipts to submit, documents to shred, audits to complete, and on and on it goes. Being at home all the time however, only means I have to put up and take down the tree four weeks before and two weeks after December 31st. Hey, I am not complaining! It is different, but it is a very good different.

First on my list was the yummy goal of making one dessert from my favorite food blog . That went over very well, if I may say so myself. And I think my son and husband both enjoyed their roles of a helper and the taste testers. I have managed to make two desserts from the blog this month – Peach Cream Cheese Braided Danish and Apple Dapple Cake. Both were absolutely delicious! My husband couldn’t stop saying how great the danish was, and when I packed the leftover slice for his lunch, he made sure to share it with someone. Just so they know how great I am for baking such yummy treat. And so they get to enjoy a little bite of course.

I have done well with my goal of posting here weekly. Sometimes it is hard to find inspiration, but some days it strikes unexpectedly and makes me feel very hopeful about this blogging thing. Thank you all for reading me almost every day this month!

Next on my list was being more intentional with my family and my time. Here I cannot report great success unfortunately. I feel like I have been more intentional about spending time with my husband. Almost every night for the past two weeks I initiate our “together time” after kids are down for the night. Some nights it is only 10 minutes to check in and see how we are doing. Some nights we end up having some tea, talking, and praying for almost an hour. To me this time is very important, as sometimes it is our only chance in the day to connect in the calm and quiet, without shouting over Brandon and Liya. Those two get VERY loud! 🙂

I have tried to say “no” less to Brandon, but that is not as easy as I thought it would be. The selfish person in me does not always want to give up the comfort of sitting on the couch, or playing on the floor, to get up and go get the play-dough, paints and paper. I don’t want to go and paint. And I don’t want to clean up the mess either… At the end of the day I regret saying “no”, and I compensate for it the next day. I do not want to be trapped in this kind of cycle though. I want to be better about this, so I keep praying…

I have made it a point however, to let Brandon play outside more. I do not like it much to be outside when it is cold, but he doesn’t seem to mind. Which I am sure, as a kid I was not bothered with the outside temperature, all I wanted to do was play. We had quite a bit of snow this month – I’ve read something about us getting about 15″ of snow in four days. So I let Brandon play out on the deck in all that snow. He would take his cars out there, bring a wooden spatula for a shovel, and he could stay there for hours if I don’t get him inside. Today it warmed up to balmy 25°F and I took both kids outside. Brandon played in the huge snow piles and pulled Liya on the sled for a while. I actually enjoyed getting out myself. I think 25°F I can do. When it gets below 20°F, that’s when I am not very much into poking my face out the door.

I have tried to be more intentional with my time as well, but I think I am still doing too much mindless scrolling. I am considering another break from Facebook and Instagram. By the way, I have started an Instagram account, so please follow me as I will be sharing a little more often on there. I have tried to crochet more this month, but my wrist is giving me issues, so I am taking a break. I have crocheted a few things for a baby shower, and those were very much fun to make. Mamas also enjoyed receiving those plushy gifts. I have started to make a blanket for Brandon, but that project will have to wait till my hand is in less pain.

While I couldn’t crochet more, I had to find other ways to scroll less and do something productive. So I have added another goal to my list – read a book a month. This month was kind of cheating, since I have started the book back in December. So It will be more like, read 12 books this year. I have just finished reading Bread and Wine: A Love Letter to Life Around the Table with Recipes” by Shauna Niequist. It was a wonderful book! The book is a collection of life stories and recipes that go along with them. I generally like all things food – I like watching movies about food and reading about food. Some of my favorite movies are “Julie & Julia”, “No Reservations”, and “Ratatouille”. “100 Days of Real Food“, “Life from Scratch“, “Dinner: A Love Story” –  are some of my favorite food books. So you get the picture. Now this book is definitely at the top of my list. It made me laugh, cry, dream about future, remember things in my past, and think more about what I want more of in life. I realized that I definitely want more time with people and more exciting, memorable experiences. And bacon wrapped dates. And crusty baguettes. And a lot of people around my table, who are there because they are near and dear to us, or because we just met and we want to get to know them better. One of the best friendships in our life started over lunch…

Speaking about all the food… we come to my last goal of the year – get in shape. I haven’t done much about that this month. I had my tooth removed two weeks ago, so I was taking it easy. Then I’ve also been dealing with arm and wrist pain. So all in all, I have only exercised for about a week . I am determined to be better at it in the future. I am easing myself back into it since I haven’t truly done any exercising other that crawl around with my kids, for quite some time. Stretching is nice… Haha! But seriously, I am starting with a walking program from Leslie Sansone.  I have had the DVD for a few years now, and it is a 5-mile each morning walking program. I feel like it is adequate enough for getting started.  I am not planning on drastically cutting my calories while I am nursing, but in the last week I have started trying to watch my portions. Baby steps… 🙂

Well, this is it for January review. I will keep posting one of these at the end of each month to keep myself accountable. Hope you are doing well with your New Year goals. And if not so good – 2018 is only 11 months away! You’ll get another chance to reset! 😀



2 thoughts on “resolutions | January

  1. It is refreshing to know the struggles I faced years ago when my family was young and at home are still the same for young mothers of today:) I love reading moments of your life, makes me feel like I’m part of it! And the memories it brings back….priceless ❤


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