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Today I want to share something that resonated with me as I first read it. Something that made me stop, think, and pray. Pray that I am more mindful of this season in my life. Pray that I am content and joyful in this season. This season of being a mama to little babies. To these little balls of energy that take up every moment of every day. Who look at you and want you there, with them. Down on the floor. At their small table. Finger painting. Building blocks. And sometimes all you want is to hide in the closet and enjoy the quiet. Maybe read your emails, or scroll though Instagram… Or get all those chores done, so you can at least have time to yourself once kids are in bed.

But while I want that time to myself, while I grab my phone and open Instagram, wash all the laundry in one day, cook all the meals and do the dishes… Memories are being made. New things are learned and discovered. Emotions expressed. And I don’t want to miss them. I don’t want Liya to take her first step and look up at me, just to find me staring at my phone or trying to tidy up the house. I don’t Brandon’s new discoveries to be ignored. I don’t want his “whys” to go unanswered.

I pray that I can with joyful heart be present in the moment with my children. That I am genuinely excited about all the things Brandon wants to learn and try. That my eyes are on Liya when she is exploring something new and looks back at me for approval, or to show me how proud she is of herself. I pray that I am content with my circumstances and embrace this season.

It won’t always be easy, and it will certainly not be perfect. But I want to look back at these days and actually remember all the important moments. All the goofy and proud moments. The hugs, kisses, and “i love you’s”…

I’ve been following Lindsay (@lindsayladon ) for a few month now, and I find a lot of what she shares very encouraging and thought provoking. There is a lot that I learn from her, and a lot of things I discover as I look more into what she shares. Lindsay is also a founder of Motherhood Inspired, which is an “online community of mamas who strive to encourage and inspire each other in every season of this beautiful journey”. When you have a free moment, check it out. You won’t regret it, I promise 😉

Here is what she shared on her Instagram a few day ago:

I’ve been trying so hard to be present. To enjoy my tiny moments, my babies, my season. Sometimes I get it, and sometimes I totally miss the mark. It’s almost silly how hard it can be to put the phone down and live in my own world rather than everyone else’s.

When I step back and try to take on an outsider perspective, I see how ugly it is. Me, sitting on the floor with my kids pretending to be there with them, but my face is in my phone, and I’m completely tuning out the “Mom!” And “See!” shouts from my precious, ever-growing toddler.

It’s embarrassing to admit, but the truth is that I’m not the only one. It’s a topic that’s talked about pretty frequently in the motherhood/parenting realm. Most of us could probably admit we’re guilty of this. But do we understand the weight of the issue?

Our babies are literally growing and changing before our eyes, yet our eyes are hardly watching. This season in which God has planted us to learn and grow…it’s moving on without us, and we’re missing some of the most valuable lessons because we’re too consumed with everything else. Our relationships are missing meaningful connections because we can’t stand to disconnect.

Y’all. I’m preaching to myself. It’s so hard—especially with everything our world and culture throws at us these days. But can I challenge you? Look away. Look up. Soak up all the moments that are right before your eyes. In your own world. They’re the ones that really matter. They’re ripe moments. Ready for you to make the most of them, to make memories, to invest, to cherish.”

So, I will just leave this here. Hope this speaks to you as it did to me. Hope you find inspiration and encouragement here as I did.

You are doing a great job fellow mama! God is there by your side, and He wants you to make the most of this season in your life. Because he loves you. ❤



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