Alaska – Maine – Alaska – ?

It has been a few month, but really  years, that we have felt like we want to move away from Alaska. There is always seems to be some sort of discontentment with our life in the Last Frontier. But there are also such argument as “mountains here are so beautiful”, “we’ve been here so long, it kind of feels like home”, etc. But I honestly don’t know if it feels like home. It is familiar, yes. And the prospect of moving to a new place is simply overwhelming. But many years ago Alaska was unfamiliar. And to me, United States was a completely new world.

Years ago, after we just got married here in Alaska, we moved all the way across country to Maine. That’s where Kyle is from. He grew up there and his family was still there. He wanted to take me there because he imagined our life there a certain way. He had friends back home, and his parents were excited to meet their first daughter-in-law.

When we got to Maine, we lived in a very small town with one stop-light. It was, and still is,  a tourism economy, which meant that it was pretty dead once all the travelers went back home. It was a super long drive to a closest Walmart, and the size of the local JCPenny store left me desiring more. Kyle worked long hours as a sous-chef at a local high-end restaurant (the one he worked at before he left for Alaska), and I worked as a teller at a bank. We rented a small apartment in a basement which was filled with spiders and moisture. Our dehumidifier pulled gallons of water from the air, and once a spider landed on my towel as I was drying my hair… I wanted to run and scream! And so I did, to the horror of our cat 😀

A few months after we have arrived , Kyle realized that life was not what he expected it to look like, and we have started talking about moving elsewhere. We have traveled about 2 hours to Portland to do some apartment hunting. We have driven by the water and I remember how we tried to talk ourselves into contentment. “We can totally enjoy walking here by the water”, one of us said. Looking at apartments left us in shock – they were nothing like what we have gotten used to in Alaska. On our two hour drive back we have decided that we will be moving back to Alaska. Two months later we were driving off in Kyle’s truck, towing my Volvo loaded with some of our belongings.

All loaded up and ready to go | October 2010

That was our second move across the country. The first time either of us been to Canada. The first time we have driven the Alaskan Highway. And survived. I would do this trip again in a heartbeat.

After we have arrived back in Alaska, there was plenty of challenges that we had to face. It was hard being away from family, but God saw us through it all. We have always had roof over our head and food on the table. Life was pretty good and fun when both of us worked full time jobs, we were making new friends, and just enjoying each other. We went to see my family in Russia in the fall of 2012. First time I’ve visited in five years, and first time Kyle met my parents.

In May of 2013 we found out we were expecting. That made us want to leave everything and move closer to family. We made plans to leave Alaska in September. We have traded in our vehicles and got a small SUV so we could tow a trailer. We have told our employers we would be leaving. Then in early June I have miscarried the baby. Kyle got offered a raise and promotion at work. And so we stayed in Alaska.

Fast forward to today and we have two children and Kyle has a good job. Some days it seems like we can stay here and be happy. It is a great state to homeschool. It is beautiful and unique. But something is missing. Is it family? Is it lack of sunshine? Is it too much sunshine in the summer? The fact that a house with two more bedrooms will cost us a fortune? Fact that traveling anywhere from here takes forever and is very expensive?… I think it is a combination of all those things. But taking a plunge and moving seems overwhelming and intimidating. First two cross-country moves were relatively easy – we only had ourselves and a cat to think about. Now we have two little ones that we need to take into account. And all the toys that we need to include in our move! 🙂

So for now we decided to not set anything in stone. We agreed on one thing – Alaska is not our forever home. For now we pray and wait. God has a plan, He has a place for us. And we want to be there at the right time.

And while we are here in this beautiful and unique place, we will enjoy all it has to offer.




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