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Taking the plunge

A few short weeks ago we were talking about what our next couple of years in Alaska will be like. What will all the things we do will be. Will we travel down south to Homer and walk on the most beautiful beach I have seen in Alaska? Will we take a train up to Fairbanks, or down to Seward? How many more wonderful walks will we take at Potters Marsh? What else can we do and see while we are here ( all the while avoiding bears..)?

And here we are, booking our tickets to South Carolina, packing up kids toys, and selling everything else that we cannot ship down there via mail. Sell it all and move! We are finally moving!

Some changes were coming Kyle’s way at work, and we were a bit worried, but were in a good anticipation of change. When we shared the news about upcoming changes with Kyle’s parents, they stated that now we are staying in Alaska for good. We agreed. However, those work changes have completely turned everything around, and given the circumstances, move was our better option.

On one hands this feels like a hasty decision, but on the other hand, it was long overdue. We have been trying to move from Alaska for at least 3 years, but every time something would come up and keep us here. And I am sure there is a reason why we stayed as long as we stayed. But at this point I feel like God is saying “It is time”.  This time we wanted to stay so Kyle can have more managing experience on his resume, so once we move he has a better chance of landing a job. But God says “I am bigger than any resume, any work experience. I have provided for you this long, why would I leave you now?”. And so all we are left to do is trust. Trust that he has got it! And he absolutely does! I am excited to see it all unfold 😉

As always, when the move topic comes up, our first stepping stone is selling our condo. To me the whole process seems extremely intimidating – Liya naps at 10am and 3pm, Brandon naps in between. House is a constant mess – between all the toys, dirty dishes, cat litter smell, and other… ahem.. things – I did not know how I would keep the handle on it all. Plus I would have to keep the car every single day (drive Kyle to and from work), in case there is a showing and I need to shove everything and everyone ( chase the cat first and stick her in the carrier without getting all scratched…) in the car.

But I also know that God has a plan, and in that plan everything works out. And doesn’t just work out, but works for our good. So, condo will sell, and move will happen smooth and eventful! We are excited and nervous. Sometimes I look around and think how much I will miss this place, think of all the memories made. We met here, got married, birthed our babies, met our best friends and kids’ godparents. This big state has a big place in my heart. But once a friend of mine said that our hearts are very big, and we can be surprised as to how much love for people and places can fit in our hearts. So, Alaska will forever keep its place in mine.

For now we are selling, packing, painting, fixing… you name it, we are doing it! I will share our progress with you in the coming weeks, and maybe I will have a few words of wisdom! 🙂



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